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Hardwood Flooring in Toronto, ON

Hardwood Flooring in Toronto, ON


Hardwood flooring continues to be a favorite option among homeowners. A new hardwood floor won’t simply add style to your space:  it will also add value.


Remodel Canada Carpet One Floor & Home is your local hardwood flooring store. Our sales professionals know hardwood well and can help you navigate our selection.  


Hardwood Flooring Benefits


Hardwood flooring’s natural looks and authentic beauty don’t disappoint.


It adds value and style to your home, and buyers are drawn to homes with hardwood flooring. Most hardwood floors can complement your current home décor and blend right in, while others are made to stand out and be the focal point of a room.


You can trust our flooring professionals to help you choose the best hardwood for your home.


Best Hardwood Flooring Styles


Today's hardwood floor offerings are milled and finished using techniques that result in lower maintenance than in years past.


The result is character-rich flooring that's designed to stay looking great for years. Hardwood flooring is versatile since you can mix and match your favourite:



From soft, yellow-toned pine to dark, hard walnut there are a variety of wood species from which to choose. Consider domestic hardwood species, like pine, or exotic hardwood species, like mahogany. 


What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?


Although solid hardwood is considered the traditional hardwood option, engineered hardwood has become a more desirable option. From the surface, the two products appear identical, but the construction sets them apart.




Where Can I Install Hardwood Flooring? 


Not every home is well suited for a hardwood floor, but we can help you determine that by moisture assessing your home. Choose engineered hardwood flooring for spaces frequented by crowds, pets, or little kids. 


Engineered hardwood flooring is a great option for:



Our Hardwood Flooring Selection 


As your locally owned flooring retailer, we have hardwood flooring options in the best brands and one of the area’s widest selections of regional hardwoods.


To learn more about hardwood, visit our showroom speak with one of our flooring experts, or browse our hardwood flooring online.


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